• E-bike Ferrara


    Comfort and elegance come together in a refined and versatile e-bike.

    The leather grips and the ergonomic saddle give the bicycle simply unique practicality and comfort.

    The Ferrara, given the generous tire supplied, is the ideal e-bike for pedaling on cobblestones or easily overcoming tram tracks or uneven terrain.

    Like all other MilanoBike bicycles, the Ferrara line is also equipped with the FrameBlock system that allows you to secure your bicycle to a pole, a railing, or simply to itself, making it thief-proof.

    The 250 W motor with autonomy up to 60KM is inserted in the rear hub allowing the design to remain clean, linear, and elegant.

    As light as a traditional bicycle, it is possible to carry the Ferrara by climbing steps, push it by hand to cross the road, or load it onto a car with extreme ease.