• E-bike Urbino


    Emblem of style and elegance, the Urbino is an e-bike with a refined and minimal design.

    A princely ride through the streets of the city, a parade between night clubs and business offices … No matter what your journey is: the Urbino line is ideal for all occasions, equipped with great class and perfectly able to move with elegance in any context.

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    Linear and delicate, Urbino is the perfect bike for those who want to stand out among the city streets and capture the intrigued and fascinated gaze of the pedestrians.

    Equipped with the FrameBlock system, the Urbino doesnt fear the hands of thieves: you can easily tie it up to a pole, a railing or simply to itself. Upon your return, your Urbino will be there waiting for you, ready to transport you easily wherever you want.

    The Zehus engine, inserted in the rear hub with elegance, strengthens your pedaling allowing you to speed travel without any effort.