• E-bike Gravellona


    The Gravellona is a symbol of originality that will allow you to ride with style and elegance.

    The Gravellona is an e-bike with a strong and clearly recognizable identity, perfect for tackling dirty roads but also the city asphalt.

    The Gravel Bike charming look makes this bicycle the dream of every fan of unconventional bicycles: the Gravellona is versatile, aesthetically pleasing and, most of all, functional.

  • E-bike Ferrara


    Comfort and elegance combined together in a stylish and versatile bike.
    The Ferrara Classic is the basic version of this line and is the ideal E-Bike to start being a rider.

    Like all other MilanoBike bicycles, the Ferrara line is equipped with FrameBlock system which allows you to tie up your bicycle to a pole, a railing, or simply to itself, becaming completely theft-proof.

    The engine located in the rear hub allows the design to remain clean, linear and elegant.

    Light as a traditional bicycle, its possible to transport the Ferrara bike by climbing steps, pushing it by hand to cross the road or loading it on a car with ease.

  • E-bike Mantova


    Energy and sporty design are the main characteristics that distinguish this e-bike, ideal for out-of-town holidays or dynamic city trips.

    With this super sporty bicycle with a generous tire and elegant flaming red decorations you will stand out by darting through the trees in the park or moving through the traffic of the asphalt jungle.

    Mantova is the definitive answer for all those who are looking for a strong design, able to accompany them in daily life and in leisure moments.

    Like all MilanoBike ‘sisters’, this bicycle is equipped with FrameBlock anti-theft system: solid, robust, effective. A security against the thieve’s cutters.

    The Zehus electric engine, located in the rear hub will give you an extra boost to easily sprint in traffic or in the rough mountain roads.

  • E-bike Urbino


    Emblem of style and elegance, the Urbino is an e-bike with a refined and minimal design.

    A princely ride through the streets of the city, a parade between night clubs and business offices … No matter what your journey is: the Urbino line is ideal for all occasions, equipped with great class and perfectly able to move with elegance in any context.

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    Linear and delicate, Urbino is the perfect bike for those who want to stand out among the city streets and capture the intrigued and fascinated gaze of the pedestrians.

    Equipped with the FrameBlock system, the Urbino doesnt fear the hands of thieves: you can easily tie it up to a pole, a railing or simply to itself. Upon your return, your Urbino will be there waiting for you, ready to transport you easily wherever you want.

    The Zehus engine, inserted in the rear hub with elegance, strengthens your pedaling allowing you to speed travel without any effort.

  • E-bike Firenze


    Classicism and tradition: this is the Firenze line.

    The presence of the carter and the mudguard gives an incredible ease of use. The Firenze is perfect for getting around the city, going to work, school or university.

    A versatile bicycle that easily adapts to any type of environment and occasion: from the most elegant to the most unformal.

    A timeless e-bike equipped – as usual – with the FrameBlock system.

    The light engine, located in the rear hub, enhances the bike’s attractive design and assists pedaling making you ride more comfortable.