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    Siena is the choice for you if you are an adventurous rider who loves the thrill of extreme sport.
    High performance, unique design, and practicality in a single MTB.
    You can use it for weekends out of town or for sporting trips during the week.
    Feel free with your Siena.

  • ebike donna



    Verona is the women’s e-bike.
    The union of elegance, practicality, comfort, and safety.
    The horizontal frame will allow you to get on and off with class and without any effort.
    Thanks to the frameblock you can leave your e-bike tied up outside the office, university, or shops and live your time in peace without fear of theft.
    Choose Verona if you are looking for practicality and elegance.

  • Aosta


    Sport and fun meet in our MTB Aosta.
    An escape from the city and everyday life.
    Unique comfort thanks to the suspension fork that will help you overcome the roughest terrain in style.

  • Rimini


    Rimini is our fitness offer. The meeting between the practicality of the city bike, the sporty design of the mountain bike, and the comfort for long-distance rides.
    The right choice for those who want to keep fit with a stylish bicycle.
    Thanks to the 8-speed Shimano gear, you can overcome any unevenness in the terrain by training with the intensity you want most.

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    The Iseo is our gravel model.
    Elegant, light, and practical for excursions to remember.
    If you are a lover of outings or long rides on dirt roads, this is the bike for you.
    The Iseo accompanies you on your weekend adventures and simplifies your daily commuting by cushioning the irregularities of the city street.
    Thanks to the presence of the Frameblock, anti-theft integrated into the frame, you can make stops with peace of mind and serenity without thinking about possible theft. The Iseo is for you if you are looking for style and practicality in a gravel bike.

  • Alessandria


    Alessandria is a woman. Style, elegance, lightness, and uniqueness.
    The city bike that accompanies you on working days and errands around the city.
    With this bike, comfort is at home. With the top tube lowered you can get on and off with ease and thanks to the Frameblock, the anti-theft system integrated into the frame, leaving the bike park will no longer be a cause for fear.
    Alessandria is for you if you are a woman looking for style, comfort, and practicality to move around every day.

  • Parma


    The Parma city bike is the emblem of the muscle bicycle for men.
    Comfortable, light, and practical, the perfect bike for getting around town, going to university, or to work.
    Equipped with Frameblock, an anti-theft device integrated into the frame, and the theft insurance, you can leave it comfortably tied to a pole without fear of theft.
    Thanks to the 7-speed gearbox you will overcome inclined road sections with ease.
    Parma is for you if you want to make daily commutes in total comfort.

  • E-bike Gravellona


    The Gravellona is a symbol of originality that will allow you to ride with style and elegance.

    The Gravellona is an e-bike with a strong and clearly recognizable identity, perfect for tackling dirty roads but also the city asphalt.

    The Gravel Bike charming look makes this bicycle the dream of every fan of unconventional bicycles: the Gravellona is versatile, aesthetically pleasing and, most of all, functional.

  • E-bike Ferrara


    Comfort and elegance come together in a refined and versatile e-bike.

    The leather grips and the ergonomic saddle give the bicycle simply unique practicality and comfort.

    The Ferrara, given the generous tire supplied, is the ideal e-bike for pedaling on cobblestones or easily overcoming tram tracks or uneven terrain.

    Like all other MilanoBike bicycles, the Ferrara line is also equipped with the FrameBlock system that allows you to secure your bicycle to a pole, a railing, or simply to itself, making it thief-proof.

    The 250 W motor with autonomy up to 60KM is inserted in the rear hub allowing the design to remain clean, linear, and elegant.

    As light as a traditional bicycle, it is possible to carry the Ferrara by climbing steps, push it by hand to cross the road, or load it onto a car with extreme ease.