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FrameBlock Care:
a better way to protect your bikes.

FrameBlock antitheft system authentication security

Activate FrameBlock Care

MilanoBike firmly believes in a cultural changing. In order to use bikes for everyday transportation, it is necessary to develop an ecosystem of elements that makes the rider safe and comfortable to ride everywhere. That’s why we created FrameBlock Care.

What is FrameBlock Care?

FrameBlock Care is the warranty MilanoBike gives you for free as proof of the security and resilience of the frameblock antitheft system. It has to be activated after buying the bike. It is valid for 12 months after the date of purchase everywhere in Italy and can be used once within this period. Frameblock Care is the only insurance you need to ride your bike without worries. In the event of theft you will only need to pay a small fee to get an identical bike as a repla- cement (same specs or upgraded one)

E-bike theft excees


Bike theft excees


How to activate FrameBlock Care?

Once you have received your bike it’s as simple as clicking on the button below. We will send you a confirmation mail with your FrameBlock Care warranty file to the same email used for the purchase. Keep it safe because your bike’s information will be written on it and you will require them in order to use FrameBlock Care antitheft insurance.

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What to do in case of theft?

Within 5 days from the date of the theft, you must:

step 1

Make a complaint to the police, indicating:

  • the details of the purchase document (receipt number or equivalent fiscal document)
  • the unique 6-digit Key Code shown on the identification plate you received together with the pair of keys you use to open and close the FrameBlock
  • the frame serial number
  • if E-bike, the engine serial number
  • brief description of the manner in which the theft occurred
step 2

Write an email to attaching:

  • copy of the purchase document (receipt or equivalent tax document);
  • copy of the report made to the police;
  • copy of a valid identity document (front and back);
  • copy of the health card / tax code (front and back);
  • copy of the FrameBlock Care Agreement (received via email when the warranty was activated).
step 3

Send by registered letter with return receipt:

  • FrameBlock key pair;
  • Hard copy of the FrameBlock Care Theft Guarantee.