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FrameBlock got your back.

Once you try you never go back!


FrameBlock is the patented antitheft frame that allows you to lock outdoor your bike without worrying.

Moreover, thanks to steel wires integrated into the bike frame and thanks to our strong padlock, you will be able to lock your bike to any urban element or even lock it on itself.


Tranquility first

FrameBlock purpose is simple: if a thief wants to steal your bike the only way to do so is destroying it.

FrameBlock is embedded into the bike frame, if cut or damaged it won’t be possible to repair it or change it. So it will forever be a stolen and damaged bike.

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The safest electric bike is here to stay.

Thieves be aware!

Effortless to use, useless to steal

  • Frameblock is an antitheft system integrated into the bike frame. Two flexible steel wires wrapped of silicon rubber join in order to lock your bike.

  • To open the FrameBlock a 6 codes ID key is used. The key is unique to the owner of the e-bike and it’s used to identify the rightful owner when activating the antitheft.

  • You can lock the bike to any object in an easy and practical way. FrameBlock is the perfect combination of safety, design and style. La combinazione perfetta di sicurezza, ingegno e stile.

Which e-biker are you?

Choose your style.

Agape Pyt Saudade Sonder


Àgape (in greco antico: ἀγάπη, agápē, in latino: caritas) significa amore disinteressato, immenso, smisurato. Viene utilizzato nella teologia cristiana per indicare l’amore di Dio nei confronti dell’umanità.

€3.100,00 €3.100,00

Zero effort even to pay it monthly with no interest!


Pyt is usually expressed as an interjection in reaction to a daily hassle, frustration or mistake. It most closely translates to the English sayings, “Don’t worry about it,” “stuff happens” or “oh, well.”
A Danish word the world needs to combat stress: Pyt

€2.325,00 €3.100,00

Zero effort even to pay it monthly with no interest!


Saudade (portoghese): un sentimento di nostalgico rimpianto, di malinconia, di gusto romantico della solitudine, accompagnato da un intenso desiderio di qualcosa di assente. È quella sensazione che si prova quando si torna a casa dopo un viaggio.

€3.300,00 €3.100,00

Zero effort even to pay it monthly with no interest!


“Sonder - noun. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.”

€3.300,00 €3.100,00

Zero effort even to pay it monthly with no interest!